Gyrotonic Expansion System
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Gyrotonic System in use.

Do you have back pain or shoulder problems? Have you had knee or hip surgery and still have pain or weakness in the muscles or in the joint? Are you suffering from stiffness in your musculature or immobility of the joints and spine? Do you simply want to work out and build up your strength and stamina, increase your flexibility and improve your coordination? Or would you like to feel more alive, more free, more at home and at peace in your body, no matter your size, shape, age or condition?

Gyrotonic exercises are a totally new system of movement developed by the renowned Romanian fitness expert, Juliu Horvath, in the early 1980’s. Incorporating the principles found in yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai-chi, Horvath developed a unique system of equipment and exercises to work the body from the inside out. The exercises are based on an expanding series of fluid circular and spiral movements, with adjustable resistance and incorporating a synchronized breathing pattern, all resulting in working the musculature, cardiovascular and neurologic systems simultaneously

Reasons to do Gyrotonic exercises:

    Mobilize the spine and free the joints

    Develop profound core body strength

    Recover lost function due to injury

    Release tension in the body

    Strengthen the immune system

    Improve body alignment

    Enhance body awareness

    Increase bone strength and density

    Revitalize natural energy

    Restore body symmetry

GYROTONIC The Art of Excercising and Beyond

Click here to see a video of Juliu Horvath teaching Gyrotonic to a student.

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