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About Spiral Expansion

I am a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Instructor, certified by the Gyrotonic founder, Juliu Horvath. I've been a dancer since age 3, a mother, business owner, sports enthusiast and a passionate healer, helping clients for many years. I'm also certified in  Pilates, Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA), Integrated Awareness®, Visceral Manipulation, CranioSacral Therapy and working with Parkinson's clients. I have practiced yoga, Feldenkrais, Zero Balancing and Pilates for over 25 years.

Of the many healing modalities I have experienced, the Gyrotonic Expansion System provides the most genuine experience of relaxation while moving, play while working out and the pleasure of being in a body. Whether you are recovering from injury or improving existing skills, I create a safe place for new learning to occur so you can reach your goals.

To see a video of the equipment in my studio, click on this link:  Gyrotonic Equipment.  

What Clients Say

“For the first time in many years I am actually anticipating with eagerness a work-out session with Siena and her Gyrotonic equipment. For me, this is truly providing the quality of life I desire.”

Mary Ellen Rayner, Business Owner

"I was in a severe car accident about 3 years ago, that took a great toll on my body. Before I met Siena, I thought my body was doomed to pain for the rest of my life. I have been doing Pilates and Gyrokinesis with Siena for about 3 months. She is definitely a godsend! There aren’t enough words to say how much this woman has done for my recovery. She is retraining my posture, walk, mobility and strength. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to know her. And there is no way to repay her for the gift of life she has given to me! Thank you so much Siena! 

Lacey Gardner, Student

"Gyrokinesis and teacher Siena McCarthy have greatly improved my health and quality of life.   Before I discovered them, my back muscles were very tight, my range of motion severely limited and I had constant pain.  Under Siena’s expert and caring direction, the low impact principles of Gyrokinesis have loosened me up, increased my motion and decreased my pain.  I highly recommend Siena and Gyrokenesis for anyone with problems similar to mine."

Jerry Bova, Teacher

“I’ve been a movement instructor for many years and Siena’s way of teaching Gyrotonic movement has gotten me to slow down and enjoy moving again in a way I never thought possible.”

Ava Motter, Pilates Teacher

"I was 68 years old, with a broken arm and leg from a horse riding accident, when I first came to Siena. Physical therapy had me off crutches, up and moving, but I felt awkward, slow, insecure on my feet and hesitant to use my arm. She worked with me individually and in a group, with a focus on healing and reeducating, always mindful of my goals. I soon became more confident in my ability to move, returning to comfortably climbing stairs at work and using my arm without thinking about it. I now have moments where I even feel graceful. I am so grateful to Siena and Gyrokenesis!"

Sheila Dickson, Clinical Psychologist

“Siena McCarthy brought me back to life as far as I’m concerned!! For many years I had severe bilateral tendonitis, as well as upper back and neck strain. Unfortunately, every time I made an attempt to work out, my elbow, neck and back pain would return. So, I decided to give Siena a call and ask her advice, and that’s when she told me about Gyrotonic exercise. I couldn’t believe how fast I recovered my strength and flexibility! With Siena’s incredible guidance and extensive knowledge on how to use this unique equipment, I was able to work out again. Gyrotonic exercise is truly amazing and it also enhanced my balance and mobility in all of my joints. I was finally able to work my arms and upper body freely without pain. In addition, Siena also helped me to become more aware of my breathing and posture while working out. I highly recommend Siena and Gyrotonic movement to anyone who wants to regain flexibility, balance and muscle strength. Whether recovering from an injury or just wanting to get into great shape, Gyrotonic exercise works!”

Leigh Pyron, West Coast Dog Company, Owner